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Owner Meetings News and Notes

---- 2023 Linoma SPRING Owners Meeting ----

Tuesday, March 13, 2023 6:30PM - Ashland Country Club

Here is the 2023 Lease.  The dates do say 2022, but are for the 2023 season.  If you are going to pay your lease, Please be sure to complete the last page and return it to Lutton Law Office with your payment.   

Lots 150, 151 and 153 are still available.  Lake Lot 71 is now available as well and will be auctioned online for all tenants.  If you have any interest, let me know and I will include you in the list to get notice.

Let us know if you have any questions.

Notes from the meeting
- Move in date: Thursday April 13th
- If your lot needs rock, please bring it through the far North gate, not the main entrance. Nacho will be there most weekends and have the gates, by the house, open. Otherwise make arrangements with the owners to get it opened up.
- Rent is due March 31st if you want to avoid any late fees.
- The first pumping (honey run) will be the 17th & 18th. Please use RED Flags to indicate you need pumped. ALWAYS use chemicals in your tank. If you don't, you won't be pumped.
- Both Trash cans will now be located near the far south gate. Please get all of the trash in the bin.
- Golf Carts: Must be at least 15 years old with a learners permit to be driving a golf cart.
- Be sure to get your stickers from the LTA
- If you want to make any structural improvements to your lot, you must run it by the owners first.
- Roads, regular maintenance will be done to improve the road quality and attempt to keep the dust down. Don't water the road, it creates pot holes.
- Beavers wreaked havock on trees this year. If you have a tree that you want to save, be sure to wrap it in chicken wire.
- Internet is still available through Point Net
- Emergencies, contact Dave, Jerry or Nacho. If after hours, please call 911
- Fishing Report:
   - Large mouth bass are still catch and release.
   - Walleye: 18-22" | 1 per lot per day
   - Pan Fish: Bluegill or Crappie: 6-8" | 10 per lot per day
   - Perch: 250 were stocked, must be greater than 11" | 10 per lot per day (over 11" gives them a chance to spawn)
- Kids Fishing Event
   - June 17th
   - Appreciate anyone willing to volunteer boats, time or donations. Costs approximately $2-3k each year. Only boat stickers ($450 average) is what is funded for the lake, in general, each year.
   - Scatter Joy Acres may have rescue animals at the event
- Boat ramp did receive some work.
- Tree pile on Island Lots will be burned and removed
- Nacho will not be doing the Taco Truck this year. They retired that.
- April 22nd - Earth day cleanup at the lake. Walk the lake and pick up random trash etc.

---- 2022 Linoma SPRING Owners Meeting ----

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 6:30PM - Ashland Country Club

Lot 20 and 133 are still available.
Lot pricing is available in the new 2022 lease.
There will be 10 spots offered for boat trailer storage on the south west corner of the park.  Cost will be $150.00 for the summer.   No other trailer storage is permitted in the park. First come first serve!

---- 2021 Linoma FALL Owners Meeting ----

Monday, September 20, 2021 6:30PM - Ashland Country Club

All of the items on this Agenda were covered. Read it, it has good info. (Move in date, last pump date, trailers, deposit etc.)

Items of note and discussion.

  • Pumping Tanks - If you don't use your camper toilet a whole lot, please don't put your flag out if possible. Pumping empty tanks can cause damage when pumped out with pressure.
    • Some people have tied both gray and black tanks to 1 outlet. (this helps). Some have 5 valves. Might work out a system to mark the tank valves that need pumped. (ongoing topic)
  • Boat trailers and trailers in general. If trailers are left on the property for awhile and not taken off premise, they will be hauled away by Jerry. You'll then need to get in contact with Jerry to get it back. If you can't fit the trailer on your lot, please be sure to remove when it's not in use. Also be sure your Lot Number is on the trailer.
  • If FREEZING TEMPS are in the forecast, please be sure you unhook the water from the hydrant.
  • Fishing Report  (Terry Stone lot 36)
    • Bass are catch and release. Some have a fungus believed to be from the flood. It should go away on it's own.
    • Found Crappie over 12". Crappie have a 4 year cycle where on the 4th year they may not bite as much, but will recover the next year.
    • Still a 10 fish per lot per day limit
    • Walleye are doing great. If you catch a keeper (17-21") please let Terry know so he can replace them the next season. There will be no restocking of walleye this year as none were reported being caught/kept.
  • Drainage: Roads and run-off water will be worked on over the off season.
  • The pavilion is on the list to receive some repairs.
  • The Tentative Move in date for next year is April 15th.
  • Overall it was a great season with only 2 incidents where discipline was needed.

---- 2020 Linoma FALL Owners Meeting ----

Sunday, September 20, 2020 5PM

Meetings to be held on premise at the Ashland Country club. Please attend in person based on the following lot #s. We appreciate your patience as we work to keep everyone safe during the pandemic.

3PM: Lots 1 - 56 and B-1 through B-4  
5PM: Lots 57 - 115 (Available via Zoom)
7PM: Lots 116 - 164 and I-1 through I-8

We are offering the ability for you to attend the fall meeting via Zoom.
Please note:
  • Zoom is only available during the 5:00pm meeting but anyone may attend this way.
  • If the Zoom lasts longer than 40 minutes, it will automatically end and you will need to log back in with the same ID & passcode
  • The Zoom is primarily for listening. Due to the large group setting, if you have questions during the Zoom please email them to us after the meeting.

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 744 9507 0957
Passcode: Linoma

---- New lots and numbers for Linoma ----

UPDATE: The maps that were below are just a rough estimate of where new lots will be. They will be revised a few more times to ensure that tenants will have as close to their original lot as possible. New maps and new lot numbers will be revised for accuracy and released at a later date. Please refrain from additional emails to any Linoma staff regarding lot location until we have more accuratly revised the lots and numbers. Our apologies for the misunderstanding.

The plan is to move into Linoma on April 23rd unless the Governor signs something saying we can't. For the "back lots": if you'd like to make updates to your lot before the 23rd, please make sure you've paid your lot dues in full. Front lots (1-56) your dues are still due immediately. "Middle lots" are still TBD and will be notified when the time comes.

1) Lookup your new lot #: New lot map numbering.

2) Find it on the new map

3) Compare it with the old lot maps: One & Two

---- 2020 Rent due date pushed back to April 23, 2020 (for "back lots") ----

Covid 19 Update

The due date for rent payment has been extended to the move in date of April 23, 2020 (EDIT: Rent has been pushed to 4/23 for the back lots in between the bathhouse and the HWY. If you want to make lot improvements before the 23rd, be sure you've paid your rent. The front 56 lots' rent are due immediately. Middle lots will owe nothing at this time and will be contacted when available.) .  The balance of rent due must be paid in full by that date.  If left unpaid for one week thereafter, the subject lot will be re-rented and the deposit made will be forfeited.  There will also be a $100 late fee for rent paid from 4-24-2020 to 4-30-2020.

If at all possible, mail your rent and the last page of your lease to Linoma Lighthouse, 1442 Silver St., Ashland, NE 68003.  The lease is on this site.  We are trying to limit person to person contact.  If you must drop off rent and sign a lease, there will be leases in our lobby.  We will retrieve your rent and lease after you are gone.

Please call if you are coming to our office or have questions.

Thank you,

Linoma Management

---- 2020 Spring Member Meeting ----

2020 Linoma Lease

Notes from the Monday March  9th, 2020 meeting
All “front 56” lots (same 56 as last year) can move in on Thursday April 23rd.
All “Middle lots” (from the bath house to about lot 62ish, or where the river came through) are likely going to be able to move in hopefully around June 1st. This will be dependent upon the decision that Sarpy County makes regarding a Conditional Use Permit for this section of Linoma. Before the flood, these lots were grandfathered into the zoning rules. The grandfathering ended when the owners needed to put in all new hookups (or when the river washed the grandfather rules away). All “middle lots” will be pro-rated pricing based off of when/if move in takes place.

The “Back 40 lots” or aka “hiway lots” (Bathhouse to the hwy) They might be ready by April 23rd. The owners will contact you to let you know when they’ll be ready. There could be a potential $300 credit given to these lots depending on when they’re ready.
Other notes

  • The lease will be different this year in that some rules for the new levy/berm/dyke will go into affect.
    • Please stay off of the new levy/berm/dyke. There could be a lot of loose concrete and likely a serious injury could occur if it shifts and settles. There is also sharp concrete edges as well as a potential for rebar.
  • First pump date will be the first Tuesday after move in. 4/28/20
    • The flag system poles were washed away. Please purchase some sort of flag and hang it in a place that clearly shows you need pumped.
    • You can buy the red trucking flags at the Flying J truck stop at the Gretna I80 exit.
  • Everything must go by the end of the year.
    • No building permanent structures without contacting one of the owners first. Whatever you put up, must come down. No permanent fixtures.
    • Boat docks are ok to stay in the water.
  • Anyone who had a lake lot last year is guaranteed a lake lot again.
  • Alll “middle lots” along the river side will return to normal as long as Sarpy County approves the zoning.
  • They have put down grass seed on a lot of the river side lots. Please stay off of the seeded areas.
  • Owners bought 150 trees and bushes, and are looking for volunteers to help nurture them. Contact Shirley or Chuck.
  • All Campers will HAVE to be backed in this year. No parking parallel to the water. This is so campers can be removed at any time or emergency situation.
  • Boats and swimming are allowed. Most swam in the lake last year and are fine. Heard: someone say “they tested the water themselves last year and it was fine.”

Lot Auction - Tentative date of June 1st for “middle lots” & “front 56” lot auction date wasn’t mentioned.

  • This will work similar to past auctions WITH  1 exception: For the new 2019  tenants who never got a lot, whomever spent the most will get 1st choice of available lots. Once, they’ve chosen, it will follow regular auction rules.
  • Currently there are 5 lots available in the “front 56” lots.
  • To repeat: if you had a lake lot, you will be guaranteed a lake lot again.

---------------------End of Spring 2020 Notes---------------------------

View PDF sent to Linoma Tenants

MARCH 9, 2020
6:30 P.M.

Linoma Tenants:
We will be having a meeting on Monday, March 9, 2020 at 6:30 p.m. at the Ashland Golf Club located on Highway 6 South of Ashland. We are hopeful that all of you will attend the meeting.
We will be discussing various topics at the meeting including move in date for those campers in the park, the current state of affairs at the Park due to last years
flooding and what to expect for the 2020 camping season.
At this time, we anticipate a normal camping season beginning April 17, 2020 for all sites in the front and those from the bath house in the back to Highway 6. All have been inspected and approved for electric and occupancy.
We are still waiting on approval from the Sarpy County Planning commission and the Sarpy County Commissions on a special use permit which will allow us to proceed with the electrical on all lots in between. We are tentatively scheduled to be in front of the Planning board on March 17 and in front of the Commissioners
on April 14 if all goes well. We hopefully will have all lots ready withing the next 30 to 60 days. Unfortunately we are at the Of Sarpy County. We should know
more by the meeting date.
With the water rising again in the Platte, we are hopeful our new levy will hold.
We will be discussing these and many other topics and hopefully answering your questions on the 14th.
If you have questions or Linoma issues, please bring these to the meeting for discussion.
Please let your fellow campers know about the meeting!
David N. Lutton
Linoma Lighthouse, LLC

---- 2019 Fall Member Meeting ----

Meeting Notice - email to tenants
The Linoma Fall Meeting will be held Monday, October 14 at 6:30 p.m. at the Ashland Golf Club located on Highway 6 South of Ashland. We are hopeful that all of you will attend the meeting.
We will be discussing various topics at the meeting including move out date for those campers in the park, shut off date for water and other services, removal of personal property, etc.
We will also be explaining and discussing the back half of the park.  We were hoping to have campers on the Southwest area of the park some time ago, but have been delayed by OPPD in getting service.  We have also been informed by the Corp of Engineers that a portion of the levy will need to be removed and replaced.
We are still hoping to have all campsites available by next April, but that will depend on many factors. 
We will be discussing these and many other topics and hopefully answering your questions on the 14th.
We will be taking non-refundable deposits in the sum of $300.00 plus tax in the sum of $16.50 for a total deposit of $316.50 between October 1 and November 30 for lots 1 - 56. For those that were not able to camp and paid a deposit last year, it will remain good until your lot is available or you decide not to return to the park.
If you have questions or Linoma issues, please bring these to the meeting for discussion.
Please let your fellow campers know about the meeting!
David N. Lutton
Linoma Lighthouse, LLC

---- 2019 Spring Member Meeting ----

4-15-19 -notes from meeting | Volunteer info here

NOTE: Everything below is still very fluid. Updates will be sent out via the regular channels when they are available.

 - Possibly add a road to the island with the new sandbar

 - OPPD is requiring 200 amp hookups throughout the whole park

 - Email and call regarding your specific lot if you have any questions

 - River side lots near hwy 6 will get attention sooner as they are relatively in tact. Actual lot #'s not given/named.

 - Hoping to get some $ share with other parties on who can pitch in on the new levy/dyke/berm. also waiting to hear from Corp of Engineers

 - No boats in the lake this year: not likely b/c of possible debris. Lake water hasn't been tested but is on the to-do list.

 - Bath house and ceptic tanks haven’t been cleaned/checked

 - Deposit allows you to keep your lot indefinitely

 - Rent won’t go up. As far as they know.

 - Lots could be different, they will do their best to get everyone into a lot if your lot was destroyed or doesn’t exist. Lots could be very different.

 - Hopefully grant $ can be found from volunteer time.

 - There is not insurance available for the type of property that Linoma is.

 - OPPD did automatically turn off the meters so that people are not charged. Be sure to call them.  March 12th was the last meeter reading.

 - Lot rent will be prorated based on when your lot is ready. Owners will to work on an individual basis.

 - There is a new road where it washed out around lot 66-ish, it is repaired but not open yet.

 - If you are beyond lot 56 please refrain from making repairs to your lot until it gets opened up. A notification will be sent via the website, email and social media.

 - Beacon view may provide their dredge for the lake if owners can get it running, otherwise it’s very expensive to bring in a dredging service as it's in high demand.

4-1-19 - Meeting pushed back to 4-15-19 at the Ashland Country Club, 6:30pm (General information and discussion)

3-26-19 - Personal Property letter Tenants

3-19-19 - Letter to Tenants (regarding flooding)

4-1-19 - Meeting pushed back to 4-15-19 at the Ashland Country Club, 6:30pm (General information and discussion)

3-26-19 - Personal Property letter Tenants

3-19-19 - Letter to Tenants (regarding flooding)

Meeting pushed back 2 weeks due to flooding April 8, 2019, 6:30pm, at the Ashland Country Club
Meeting will take place on Monday March 25th, 2019, 6:30pm, at the Ashland Country Club

Move in date will be Thursday April 18, 2019 TBD

Get your copy of the 2019 Lease Signing Letter

Get your copy of the 2019 Lease

---- 2018 Fall Member Meeting -----

Owners Agenda for this meeting

  • Move out Date: 10-17-2018
  • Rent went up
  • Learn about late fees and deposits by clicking the agenda link above
  • Last pump date: Tuesday October 16th

---- 2018 Spring Member Meeting -----

Meeting Date: Monday, March 19th, 2018, 6:30pm at the Ashland Country Club

Move in Date: Friday April 20th, 2018

Rent is Due: Friday March 30th, 2018 (Good Friday)

Get a copy of your 2018 Lease and Signing letter

Meeting notes:

Official meeting notes

  • Rent is due on March 31st, If not in by April 10th, you forfeit your lot and it will be rented.
  • Read the rules and regs
  • Be sure to use chemicals in your tank
  • No watering the Road
  • If you're not coming back be sure to get your keys in to get your refund
  • From Terry Stone: Bass and Walleye are catch and release only, ANY size.
  • Boats, before bringing into Linoma waters, you MUST be sure to let your boat dry out for at lease 5 days before hand. This will ensure that zebra mussels cannot contaminate the lake.
  • There will be cameras on the gate, trash and bathhouse
  • Yardwaste, please put it in bags and set it to the side of the dumpster. Not in front of the dumpster
  • Phone directory: Should hopefully be working by move in date. Everything has been reprogrammed. Please fill out this form if you want your number changed or updated
  • Internet - connect 5 devices. 15 mbs (enough to stream) Need to know how many "routers" to order? $49/month or /$300/season. Unlimited usage They will be there for support to help troubleshoot and setup.
  • LTA: Get your new "Green" stickers for $10 from Lisa at lot 37
  • Be Sure to read the  Official Notes from the owners

----- 2017 Fall Member Meeting ----

October 3rd, 6:30pm in the Ashland Country Club

Meeting notes:

  • Lot rent is going up $50 per lot in 2018
  • Bathhouse will be closed down on October 11th
  • Last Pump Day is October 10th
  • Sarpy County will walk through in Early November
  • Please no grills, refrigerators or other large appliances left in the trash area. There are cameras, and you can be caught by “big brother”
  • October 31st is the last day to get your key deposit back if you don’t plan on being a member next year
  • November 30th is the last day to get in your deposit in for next year or pay a fine if later than 11/30.
  • Rent for 2018 will be due on 3/30/2018
  • February 5th is the Auction date for 2018 lots
    • The Cabin will be available this year.
    • It is a year round lease for $3600/year
    • It has its own Well, Ceptic Tank & Wood Stove
  • 30 amp outlets can be replaced with 50 amp outlets AS LONG AS IT’S DONE BY A CERTIFIED ELECTRICIAN and you have been granted permission to do so.
  • 2018 MOVE IN DATE: A vote was taken at the meeting and majority voted to move back the move in date to Thursday 4-26-18, with a move out date of Monday October 22nd
  • The owners will be replacing the Gate system as it’s been nothing but trouble. Tenants should NOT need new keys.
  • Owners are looking into the dust situation from the roads
    • A few tenants mentioned an all-natural Molasses solution
  • Terry Stone:
    • The lake will be stocked with more walleye.
    • Walleye and Bass are still catch and release.
    • Please send Linoma kids fishing event pictures to Terry Stone. Bass Pro needs them.
  • LTA will meet again on 11/13/2018. All members are welcome to attend. Location TBD.
  • Chuck Niemeyer is having a texas hold’em tournament/benefit. (can’t remember when or for what at the moment)

----- 2017 Spring member meeting -----
  • There will likely be 1 lake lot and lots 20 and 21 up for silent auction after the move in date
  • First honey run pump date is on April 18th
  • Bathhouse should be open the first weekend
  • New posts for lot numbers and flags will go in after everyone has moved in
  • All personal property needs to be securely tied down when moving out, Call Kate: (402) 521-1145
  • LOT IMPROVEMENTS - Please Call Kate: (402) 521-1145
  • PAVEMENT from the road to the gate. Will be finished before move in date
    • If need be, there is another gate that can be opened to gain access into the park
  • DUMPSTERS have been moved to the other side of the entry near where the old tractor used to be parked
    • A new tractor was purchased to make road maintenance easier
    • YARD WASTE: Please don't put it in the dumpster. Place your bags of yard waste outside (next) to the dumpster
    • APPLIANCES: Don't leave your appliances at the end of the season. You brought em in, you move em out
  • ZEBRA MUSSELS: Dave and Chuck went to a seminar on lake maintenance. Zebra Mussels are showing up more and more in Nebraska. IF your boat was in another lake before putting it in Linoma, LET YOUR BOAT DRY OUT FOR 5 DAYS. This will kill off the mussels. If Zebra mussels show up at Linoma the beaches will essentially turn into sharp pieces of glass from the shells of the mussels.
  • LIGHTHOUSE: The top and lower railings will be refurbished over the summer
  • INTERNET: once the lighthouse is finished (with power) it could become possible. The hope is that the internet service provider will set it up and bill anyone who wants it on an individual basis. (like OPPD)
  • TREES: Always get ahold of Chuck if doing any maintenance or planting of trees
  • HWY 6: Construction between the Platte river and Ashland begins 3-27 and is expected to be completed in August of 2018
  • GOLF: Chuck is offering single memberships to the Ashland country club for Linoma Tenants for $1000 (unlimited golfing w/ cart) for a year. Family plan; $1,200
  • GROUND CONCRETE: Owners prefer that you ask first. crushed concrete contains Limestone which can change the PH of the soil and furthermore, the lake. This PH change can cause a lot of problems with the lake.
  • Please be sure to read the 2017 lease

----- 2016 Fall member meeting -----
  • Please read everything on this page.
  • Orange circles between lots represent where sleeved (removable) posts will be put in. The posts will be used for posting honey wagon flags for getting tanks pumped. They will also show lot numbers to help aid in directing emergency responders to the proper lot. They will not impede campers moving in and out. (as long as you move them first.) J
  • Move in date could be Thursday April 13th and not (Good) Friday the 14th. This would mean we move out one day earlier on Tuesday October 10th. Most of us are moved out the weekend before.
  • Spring meeting will be on March 31, 2017

LTA reform:

  • As of next year, the LTA will have zero authority or any problem solving ability. The owners will now handle all issues. Please call Kate with all issues: 402-521-1145
  • The LTA sole purpose will be to organize and run events.
  • LTA stickers ($10) will be needed for MOTORIZED BOATS AND GOLF CARTS. Lot stickers (free) will be needed on BOAT TRAILERS. LTA stickers won’t be needed on kayaks. (would still like lot #’s on kayaks)

other side notes:

  • Wifi is possible for the 2017 season. Hopefully by spring.
  • An estimate is currently being given to see if the upper portion of the lighthouse can be restored. (and lit?)
  • Kids on bikes at night. Either get lights on the bike or keep your kids (adults too) off of them. So many close calls this year. 
  • Trees: Take care of your trees and don’t neglect or damage them. I think we all know the consequences. DON’T TOUCH ANY TREE OR LIMB WITH OUT ASKING KATE FIRST. 402-521-1145.

That’s all I have.