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Latest Linoma News

When is the next meeting? Get the latest news and updates on seasonal & LTA meetings, Owner Updates, Rules & Regs etc.


For current members of the campground. Get info on: Linoma Tenant Association, Gate Entry, Linoma News and Pavilion Calendar

Beach / Pavillion

The Beach IS CLOSED TO THE PUBLIC. Only campground members can reserve the pavilion.


The lighthouse is a part of the Nebraska Historical Society. Donations are welcome to support efforts in restoring the lighthouse.

Tenants Association (LTA)

The Linoma Tenants Association is a self governing body of the RV campground members to aid in park affairs. Find your LTA representatives HERE

I want to Join Linoma

Looking for a lot? Get information on pricing, lot information, auction dates and more.

About us.

Linoma Lighthouse (formerly Linoma Beach) is an RV campground owned by locals, where people come out and enjoy the great outdoors for 180 days each year.

To clarify, the beach is NOT OPEN to the PUBLIC. However, you can sign up to become a member and participate in the yearly auction. Once you’re a member you’ll have access to full amenities, fishing and a great time. The lake offers extremely clear water that you won’t find in many other places on this side of the state. It’s a spring fed lake, filtered by sand and its depth is usually determined by the height of the Platte River.

Member Services

Useful pages for current tenants.

Linoma News

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L. T. A.

Linoma Tenants Association information

Gate Entrance

Request new keys or submit a form to change your access #

Chance of...

Remember that every good friend was once a complete stranger.

At the Linoma Lighthouse campground you risk seeing smiling people riding on golf cars, pontoons, kayaks, bikes and the ole "Heel Toe Express." Most are weekend warriors who come out to enjoy amazing scenery, great people and fun times.

A Great Time


Catching a fish on your first cast


Dropping your marshmallow in the fire


Making new friends


Getting an awesome tan


Campground Lots

Full Amenities on each


Days of Fun each year

We wish it was year round.


Of Smiles

The fun is plentiful



Collected for good, learn more


Take a photo tour of Linoma

Lake Lots 4
River Lots 2
Land locked 1
Lighthouse 2
Beach Pavillion 1
Misc. 2
  • Lake Lot
    Beautiful Scenery
  • The Lighthouse
    A beacon of fun
  • River Lots
    Winter view
  • Pavilion
    Socializing enouraged
  • Lake Lots
    The Hamptons
  • Lighthouse
    Lake side view
  • Spring growth
    Serenity achieved
  • River Lots
    Expansive Views
  • The Light Side
    East side
  • The Lobster Inn
  • Land locked
    Here for the fun
  • Lake Lots
    SE side of the lake

River Side Lots

$2,134 Per 180 days of the year

  • Electrical Hookup
  • Water Hookup
  • Weekly Honey Runs (pump tanks)
  • Expansive River Views
  • River Bank Fishing
  • Lake Boat Dock Access

Land Locked

$1,965Per 180 days of the year

  • Electrical Hookup
  • Water Hookup
  • Weekly Honey Runs (pump tanks)
  • Beautiful Scenery
  • Friendly Neighbors
  • Lake Boat Dock Access

How can I become a member of Linoma?

While the demand to get a lot at Linoma is pretty high, it's not impossible. At the beginning of each year (usually January) the owners hold a lot auction to raise money for the restoration of the Lighthouse (and surrounding property). You can learn more about our Lot Auction on our signup page.

Lot Auction Information

What you might hear on an average day.


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