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----------------------------- Saturday September 1st, 2018 -----------------------------------------------------------

Minutes and Agenda    |   LTA Balance and Expenses

Notes of the discussion:

Kids events have been great. Big thanks to Debbie
Owners put in new wall and Debbie cleaned up the inside of the pavilion !
Lisa is going to buy debbie a case of beer for the fantastic job of cleaning that she did!

What would we like repeated? any thing new? - Potential CPR Fund raising event.

Reviewed the treasurery report

Renting the Pavilion
Flat price of $100 no extra deposit checks for the porta potty as 99% request it.

Does not include the use of grill, griddle, tommy bahama, cooler, tv, and other items purchased for LTA events only
With the Pavilion rental: you get tables, electricity, fridge (when it gets fixed) and porta potty

LTA will be building a wall inside the pavilion building to keep the association stuff locked up.

Discussion was brought up to let whomever rent the pavilion access to everything, griddle etc... Opposition: is that people don't clean up properly. The Griddle needs oiled after every use and to many times the pavilion has been left very uncleaned after private rentals

trick or treat or drink are the 2 events left this year.

Man up if you mess up. ie: hit vehicles and then drive off

a new fridge will be donated Gayle T.

Event Calendar: Need volunteers and organizers if there are new events
Purchase of stickers: increase or not? Do we want to increase. We spent what we brought in.
Stickers: being told that there are boats with out stickers. Tell Lisa. $15 late. or $10
Golf Carts: No kids driving without drivers license.
Fishing: not going to shock the lake but will be stocking the lake again.

Chris: CPR Training: free? AED defriblator. Any body have a connection?
Sign with names of people that are cpr trained

meeting ended at 10:33am.

----------------------------- Monday, November 13th, 2017 -----------------------------------------------------------------

Meeting time: 6:30pm

Location: Ashland Country Club

Next LTA meeting will be held directly after the spring member meeting


Changed from quarterly meetings to semi-annual meetings. Will be put to a vote
Purchasing Roasters to be used for LTA sanctioned events.
Memorial day meeting will be for Elections

Association Dues will be due by the Cinco De Mayo party on 5-5-18. Stickers go up to $15 afterward.

Sanctioned LTA Events at the Pavilion

5-5 - Cinco De Mayo Party
A welcoming party for the new tenants and a day to celebrate the Day of the Dead.
Association dues/stickers will be available for purchase at the event. After this date, the Association fee will be $15. After memorial Day weekend, any lot that hasn't paid the fee will be reported to the owners for collection.

6-30 - Fourth of July Festivities

7-14 - Kids Fishing Event

8-4 - Live Country Music with food provided by the LTA

9-2 - Poker Run

9-29 - Halloween at Linoma

----------------------------- February 22nd, 2017 -----------------------------------------------------------------

Meeting started at 6:30pm

IF YOU WANT TO BE A BOARD MEMBER,  GET YOUR NAME ON THE BALLOT.  Contact us here with your name and lot number.

Notes from the owners (Dave & chuck)

  • Electrician going into and working on the upper portion of the lighthouse
    • top of lighthouse should be finished sometime this spring. $100,000+ project.
  • Pavilion
    • Owners will meet with the LTA to discuss pavilion needs
      • LTA will have a separate meter with OPPD
      • Will discuss outlets behind the bar and lighting inside the pavilion
  • Any motorized vehicle and trailers parked at Linoma will have to have reflective 3 inch lot numbers (owners not paying). You can find these stickers in any hardware or big box store. Place the stickers on the passenger side of the vehicle/trailer next to your LTA sticker (circle sticker). Gayle T. also has a few reflective stickers left over if your budget is tight.
    • No reflective #'s or LTA stickers displayed by memorial day is $25 fine per vehicle. If delinquent you will be contacted by the owners.
    • LTA stickers (not reflective numbers) are double the price after memorial day. Will be enforced by the owners.
    • Reflective numbers and LTA stickers need to be displayed on the passenger side of the vehicle.
    • Items needing reflective stickers AND LTA sticker...
      • Golf carts
      • Motorized boats
    • Any and ALL trailers PARKED at Linoma for the season need reflective stickers (trailers do not need circular LTA sticker)
  • Wifi won't be likely this year. Still a work in progress. It will be a pay as you go/subscription service when it is installed.
  • Move in date will be Thursday 4-13-17 (day before good Friday)
  • Removable poles will go in after move in date. will not be ground level.
    • We have to wait and see exactly how they work. They will be used to display lot numbers and honey wagon flags.
  • Trash is being moved from lot 1 to the other side of the pavilion
  • Owners will be meeting with Sarpy county roads to discuss redoing the ditch between the sand pit and Linoma
  • Chuck and Dave going to symposium on Lake management
  • Owners taking over enforcement of Lot Mowing when delinquent
  • Owners split the cost of Shocking the lake with LTA.

LTA balance as of Oct 6, 2016               $4,737.38

Expenditures since last QTR: Linoma Tenants Association Stickers (Black w/ white letters), Ice Chest for the Pavilion

Meeting ended: 7:34pm.

---------------------------November 16th 2016----------------------------------------------------------------------------

Next meeting: Wednesday February 22nd 2017, Ashland country club.

 IF YOU WANT TO BE A BOARD MEMBER, PLEASE SHOW UP TO THE FEBRUARY 22ND, 2017 MEETING TO GET YOUR NAME ON THE BALLOT. If you can't make it, contact us here with your name and lot number.

Balance as of Oct 6, 2016               $5,596.84

Expenditures during 4rd QTR included

  • ·         OPPD | 119.09
  • ·         Loftus | 291.18
  • ·         Fishing Event | 226.53
  • ·         Poker Run | 42.92
  • ·         Pot Luck  | 178.00

Deposits              715.00



  • 2017 Stickers will be Black with white letters
  • Candidates for the May 2017 election will be nominated at the February LTA Meeting
    •  If you want to be nominated and can’t make it please contact us here with your name and lot number.
    • Tentative time for next meeting: February, 22nd 2017 @ 6:30 at the Ashland Country Club
  •  Lake was stocked with 100+ walleye on 11-15-16
  •   Discussion: New electrical wiring for the Pavilion. How to replace kayak sticker funds for the lake events. Come to the next meeting to pick up where we left off.