Welcome to the Linoma Lot Auction Signup page!

The 2022 Lot Auction will be on February 07, 2021, @6:30pm at the Ashland Country Club. MORE INFORMATION

Each year, around January, the owners hold a lot auction to raise money for the restoration of the Lighthouse (and surrounding property). Lots in the auction generally become available if a current tenant has decided to not return, or hasn't paid their deposit. There are a number of factors that contribute to lot turnover, but who are we kidding, you want a lot and you don't care.

How the auction works

You will need to sign up to be notified about the next years auction using the form below. You will then be notified (December-ish) with the details of the next auction.

When you arrive at the site of the auction, you will have to wait to bid until after all current members are finished bidding on the available lots. Here lies the difficulty in getting a "choice" lot at Linoma. Once current members are finished bidding, there aren't many lots left to choose from. So you may have to bid on a lot that isn't exactly your ideal choice, but if you win, you'll be able to bid first in the next year's auction. However, some have found success in getting a "choice" lot in their first year. Additionally, silent email auctions (example) usually take place after the the season has began. Make sure you've signed up below to be notified.

If you've won a bid, you'll need to pay immediately at the auction. Then you'll need to pay the lot dues (pricing below) for the upcoming year. (usually by April 1st)

That's it.
If you have additional questions please enter them into the comments field using the form below